Enter: Louella Organic Dainties

Hi! My name is Callie, the other half of this fabulous blog designed by Ally “The Girl in Plaid”. Having a partner to help you dream, plan and execute is the number one most important part of any venture. Ally has inspired me to continue walking down my entrepreneurial path, creating a line of organic dainties, inspired by my southern upbringing and fueled by my continuous search for a healthy lifestyle. Louella Organic Dainties is exactly that – she is elegant, beautiful, graceful and carefree.

In 2007, I created Louella Organic Dainties to provide ladies with an organic option without sacrificing beauty. In 2010, life became more hectic as it tends to do and deep down I was filled with self-doubt about my designs. I decided to let my Louella dreams go. Life was definitely easier, no work after work, no bills due for fabric and no continuous research for more materials and designs. I didn’t have to worry about what others thought about my work. But deep down something was missing- the excitement of the sell, the excitement of a new idea for a fabric design or a photo shoot. I received several emails around the time I was coming to these self -realizations, expressing interest in my product and asking where customers could order more Louella. I had been talking with Ally about her starting a jewelry line on etsy, telling her she had nothing to lose. It was time I listen to my own advice and give this one more go. It hasn’t been easy starting everything back again but it sure beats the alternative.

Louella is all about organics and giving back so I will surely post all details about my trials, errors and successes here but I will also be posting all of the other things I find myself distracted with including but not limited to screen printing on fabric, furniture building and restoration, sewing and more.

Thank you Ally for your support and hard work. You inspire me every day.