We are co-workers whose names rhyme, so we were bound to be good friends. We are passionate about being creative and living a healthy lifestyle. This is our outlet for all things that keep us grounded outside of our hectic 40-hour work week. This is the other 128 hours!

About [Ally]
I grew up in Massachusetts, but now live in the Atlanta area. However, my body language towards incompetent drivers keep me a northern girl at heart. After experimenting college as an art major, I decided to head down the mainstream route of communications and marketing, where I graduated from Appalachian State University.

Creativity is a part of me. Like a 5-year old, art was always my favorite class. I traded my finger paintings in for charcoal and acrylics early on. I may not be picking up a paintbrush as often as I should, but I have my camera on me at all times for those just-in-case photo ops. Over the past year I've ventured into jewelry making, and have been developing 'the girl in plaid,' which keeps those creative juices flowing.

I try to keep life interesting by trying anything new that comes my way, or by giving into my urge for travel. There is nothing like embracing a foreign culture and way of life. Even though the majority of my blood is Chinese, I'm obsessed with the language of the Italians, and have a goal of learning it one day [I'm Italian too!].

My love for food is undeniable. I'm a firm believer that fresh herbs are a must, and bacon makes everything taste better. I'm far from a Giada De Laurentiis [my fave!], but I try my best to put something delicious on the table. I have an obsession with s'mores that I can't deny. I have a feeling it was from all of those amazing peanut butter & fluff sandwiches my mom packed in my lunch bag [love ya, mom!].

I'm a squirmy person that feels like I have to be doing something at all times; hence, I don't think meditation will ever be my thing. Staying active and healthy is important to me, and I have Callie to thank for her disciplined workouts, nutrition knowledge and support. She is the inspiration that helps me stay in the gym and away from sugar [most of the time].

About [Callie]
I was born and raised in the South. No matter where my travels take me, I am always happy to return home. I grew up north of Atlanta on Lake Lanier,  where we spent every summer swimming 'til dusk, eating home grown veggies and dreaming up magical forts in the woods behind my home. I have the most amazing family, including the smartest big brother I've ever met and the 2 most fun and beautiful sisters I could ever ask for.

My love of design began early. I was the home decorator for our Barbieville in my playroom. My sisters and I quickly learned to think outside the box to make our dream homes perfect. What you see as an empty tissue box, makes for a great queen size Barbie bed. Fast forward 20 years and I am a newly wed living in Atlanta. My wonderful husband and I bought our first home together.  Just like the days of Barbieville, I am still trying to find inexpensive ways to achieve high-end design.

Second to design, I have a love for healthy food and fitness. I am always looking for the next trail to bike, lake to swim or path to run. The sport of triathlon amazes me. I have completed a few and hope to complete many more. I love working out in the great outdoors and lifting weights in the gym.

I spend Sundays cooking up a storm, so I am sure to have healthy delicious meals to take to work. I'll take home grown veggies any day over the supermarket varieties. As important as health is, you will still find me enjoying the latest italian cucina or hole in the wall BBQ joint. I believe this balance is the key to true health. I have a serious addiction to coffee. I am always looking for micro-roasters and find the French Press to be one of the greatest inventions of all time. My favorite dessert is a glass of red wine. Wine shared with friends is even better.

I follow over 30 blogs daily on design, nutrition, fitness and marketing and plan more DIY projects than one probably should (my husband would agree to that) but I love it all, the excitement of something new and the reward of accomplishment. I will share all of my successes and failures here and hopefully we will all learn something together. It's all about the journey in the end.

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