All Smiles in Savannah! An Ideal Girl's Weekend Getaway

Some lovely ladies took me on a bachelorette getaway to Savannah. My sister even flew in from Massachusetts to join us, which made the weekend extra special. It's an easy escape from Atlanta, with a ton of charm, food, views and fun. Here's how to spend the perfect weekend in historic Savannah:

Day 1:
  • Shopping on Broughton Street
  • Break for ice-cream at the infamous, Leopold's 
  • Rooftop drinks at the Bohemian Hotel
  • Jazz'd for a tapas dinner.. great drinks too!
  • Walk downtown to explore the bars
  • Be adventurous and end the night on a mechanical bull
Amazing view at Bohemian
Welcoming sissy to the south w/ rooftop drinks!
Dinner at Jazz'd
Scoping out the shopping scene
Day 2
  • Treat yourself to crab eggs benedict from B.Matthew's - you won't regret it!
  • Pack for a day at the beach and head off to Tybee Island!
  • You'll spend 15 minutes trying to pick out your cocktail from Jen's and Friends
  • Sing along to your favorite classics at Savannah Smiles
Crab eggs benedict for 3!
Staying entertained at Savannah Smiles
Beautiful day to catch some sun
Lucky Charm cocktail from Jen's & Friends
Day 3
  • End the weekend with bfast from Papillote - an a-mazing french treat!
  • Stop at the shopping outlets on the way home for some new shades
Last meal in Savannah
Callie trying to avoid being in the picture.. such a pro!

Winner! Winner! Stella & Dot Giveaway

My party was a huge success thanks to my amazing guests. My only problem is that I can't decide on what to order, since all of the ladies made each piece look so gorgeous. Thank you all for an amazing event!

And the moment we have all been waiting for, the winner of the Stella & Dot travel bag is...

It's not too late to get your own travel bag or any other Stella & Dot items you love. As a bonus, for every $50 you spend, you will receive $25 towards a purchase in July if you shop my trunk show below. Find the perfect piece for your 4th of July party or great gifts for summer weddings and birthdays!

Antique Til We Drop, Scott's Antique Market

If you're looking for a fun afternoon activity, you need to venture to Scott's Antique Market. Every second weekend of the month, it's hosted at the Atlanta Expo Center.

Since we recently moved into our first home, we've been looking for unique pieces. If you've been on the hunt for something nobody else has, this is definitely the place to go. There are two large building full of booths, plus vendors outside.

Tips for Scott's Antique Market Trip:
  1. Pack a cooler of drinks/food to refuel (you can purchase food there too)
  2. Sellers accept checks, so you don't have to max out the ATM
  3. Tax is added to all purchases
  4. Entrance fee is $5, BUT is good for the whole weekend
  5. If you don't want to drive from building to building, a shuttle can take you
  7. Sunday's are a great because vendors don't want to pack up their trucks!
I love these leaf drop tables!
Furniture made with all reclaimed wood from Bali.
We came home with a new (old) dresser that we are thrilled about! The seller told us it's from the 1800's, and has immaculate detail that we fell in love with.

How Does She Do It

This past weekend my middle sis visited atlanta from sunny south florida. I LOVE when she visits, because she always brings with her the latest fashion. She is my go-to stylist in times of need.

This trip, she brought her goodies from Stella & Dot, which I was thrilled to see, since my party is this weekend. I now have a handful of other items added to my wishlist, including this dreamy ikat bag...
How Does She Do It Ikat Bag

The best part is, YOU can win the travel version of this bag with the same print, which is equally as awesome and also on my wish list.

Step 1: Log into Facebook
Step 2: In the top right, under the cover photo  "Like" Stella & Dot by Blair Critch
Step 3: In the top right, under the cover photo "Like" The Other 128 Hours
Step 4: Dream of the places you will take your adorable new bag

DIY: Seat Upgrade, Refinishing Dining Chairs

Craigslist shopping has been a part-time job lately. I was on the hunt for queen anne dining chairs to pair with our new rustic farm table, which was hand crafted by You're Unique. Finally found four chairs that fit the bill and my vision. I was able to easily unscrew the cushions from the chairs, and reupholster them to turn these classic chairs country.

queen anne chairs makeover - before and after

Project Time: 3.5 hours
Project Cost (4 Chairs): $145.79

  • $100 - Chairs (craigslist)
  • FREE (on hand) - 120-grit sand paper
  • $20 - 1 2/3 yards linen fabric (Joann's 50% off)
  • FREE (on hand) - Staple gun
  • $5 - Small roller
  • $10 - Quart of paint (Martha's Stewart in Heavy Cream)
  • $.79 - Sponge brush
  • $10 - Finishing wax
  • FREE - 2 old rags
Step 1: SAND - I used leftover 120-grit sandpaper from my end table project to give the chairs a rough sand. I didn't completely strip them, I just wanted to kill the high gloss shine. Take a damp rag to get rid of any dust and debris.
Step 2: PAINT - Make your own chalk paint (TUTORIAL), and use a roller to cover the chairs. I also took a sponge bruch to get into the nooks that weren't reachable by the roller. I did two coats.
Step 3: WAX - Use a rag to apply a thin coat of finishing wax to your chairs. Then, take a dry rag to wipe off, giving it a matte finish.
Step 4: REUPHOLSTER - Reupholster your seat cushions with new fabric (TUTORIAL)
Step 5: ASSEMBLE - Screw cushions back to chairs, and test them out!

GIVEAWAY! Stella & Dot Ikat Travel Bag

Lately, I have seen a lot of adorableness coming from the luggage industry. Us jet setting ladies are no longer stuck with the boring monotone black bags of days gone by. Stella & Dot is one fabulous company leading the way.

Want to add to your lovely luggage collection? Win this ikat travel bag from Stella & Dot and you are well on your way to becoming a traveling trendsetter.

Entering the contest could not be easier! On Facebook, "Like" Stella & Dot by Blair Critch and The Other 128 Hours pages by June 23rd. The winner will be announced during my Stella & Dot party on June 23rd and posted here at The Other 128 Hours.

To Like Stella & Dot by Blair Critch click HERE
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Check out the entire Stella & Dot collection HERE!

Best of luck to you all!

DIY: Upholstering Perfect Corners

I recently made over some dining room chairs, which I plan to share with you next week. In the meantime, I want to show you an easy way to handle those tricky corners when reupholstering. The best way I found to handle corners is tri-fold. Before we get to the corners, I'll start from the beginning...

Project Time:  45 minutes
Project Cost: $20

  • FREE (came w/ chairs obviously!)- Old seat cushions
  • $20 - 1 2/3 yds. fabric (for 4 chairs.. plenty of leftover)
  • FREE (on hand) - Fabric scissors 
  • FREE (on hand) - Staple gun

My winning fabric lived at Joann's. I picked out a beautiful beige linen, and did everything I could to find a coupon. Luckily, it was a holiday weekend, and I was able to get 40% off!

Step 1: MEASURE -  Place seat cushion face side down to determine the length to cut your fabric. Leave 4 inches extra on each side.
Step 2: STAPLE CENTERS - Once fabric is cut, center your cushion (still face side down). Fold over about 1/4-1/2" to create a nice even line, and staple the center of each side. PULL TIGHTLY.

Step 3: STAPLE SIDES - Continue to staple (and pulling tightly) leaving a little bit of room before reaching the corners.

Step 4: TRIM ACCESS - You will end up with access fabric once you reach your corners. Trim them down with fabric scissors, leaving roughly 3" left for you to work with. (Yes, I am in my PJ's.. it was a late night project!)

  1. Smooth out fabric and staple horizontally
  2. Smooth out fabric and staple at an upward angle
  3. Smooth out fabric and staple vertically
Step 6: FILLERS - Fill in the extra spaces with your staple gun.

You're Invited!

I am hosting my first Stella & Dot party in a few weekends. My emotions are ranging from panic attack to sheer excitement, in the hopes that everything comes together perfectly. I purchased the Fiona Bib Necklace  at my sister's party and wear it with everything. Here I wore it to dress up my cotton maxi for a family photo day:

I am also excited to check out the new line of bags. My favorite fashion blogger, Damsel in Dior has me swooning over this Navy Stripe Tote she uses when traveling.
Photo Credit
And to add to the fun, I am putting together a sunday brunch spread that is sure to draw a crowd.

PLEASE let me know if you are in the Atlanta area and would like to attend. Email theother128hours at gmail for more info. If you can not attend, good news - you can order online HERE.

Wine Box Organizer

Moving gives you a clean slate, so as we are settling into our new house, I'm trying to find the perfect home for everything.. including those extra ugly wires that I have a tendency to toss into a bag and bury in the closet.

Organizing wires and cables for your home
To organize those odds and ends, my go-to is a wine bottle box, which already has compartments (amen!). It's a great solution to organizing my extra cords, paint rollers.. really anything! Next time you go to the liquor store for some Skinny Girl wine, kill two birds with one stone and grab some wine packing boxes too!

Contruction Zone: DIY Ahead

I have a handful of new DIY projects in the works, but not one is ready for a photo shoot, so here are a few sneak peaks into what is to come...

We gathered wood from an abandoned 1920's home.
All of the walls are made from solid wood. I grabbed a few pieces for a new coat rack. I loaded my truck bed with a handful of other goodies, including cabinet doors and trim. I am really excited about the future of this abandoned wood.

I found this treasure on craigslist, a set of old school lockers, perfect for a home with no storage. Some spray paint and baskets will transform this trash to storage treasure.
And last, hubs and I have been busy planting our garden, in our new DIY modern garden planter. A full tutorial to come.
June is a month of travel and parties, so I am working to complete these as time allows. I look forward to sharing my completed projects with you all soon.

What's on your to-do list this month? Share with us below.

DIY: Refinishing End Table

Furnishing a home is not-so-easy. After spending thousands of dollars on a down payment, you're now spending thousands of dollars to making it feel like a home. I'm sharing with you all of my budget-friendly projects and bargains for our new brick ranch. First up, an end table for the living room.

  • $20 - End table (craigslist find)
  • $4 - 120-grit sandpaper
  • FREE (on hand) - Cloth
  • FREE (coupon) - Chalk paint color of choice (mix Plaster of Paris with any paint color: TUTORIAL)
  • $5 - Stain of choice
  • $10 - Sealer (polyurethane or finishing wax
  • $2.50 - 3 sponge brushes
TOTAL COST: $41.50

Step 1: SAND - I sanded the top since I was restaining, and it was really beat up. Take a damp cloth and wipe down all dust and debris.
Step 2: PAINT - I made my own chalk paint (TUTORIAL), and painted the bottom of my table with my sponge brush. I did two coats for full coverage. Trust me, your first coat WILL NOT look pretty!
Step 3: STAIN - I used a dark stain in Kona to cover the top of my table with another sponge brush. Two coats does the trick!
Step 4: DISTRESS - I went around some of the edges with 120-grit sand paper to just barely distress the piece.
Step 5: SEAL - Using my last sponge brush, I sealed the whole table with a water-based poly.

Can't wait to reveal the whole living room makeover!