Jewelry party, DIY earring holder display

My best friend from college was hosting a party where companies come to your house and sell things to ladies ready to eat, drink, socialize and most importantly, shop. She told me that I should sell my jewelry from my Etsy shop, the girl in plaid. At first, I was hesitant because I didn't want to be embarrassed if people didn't like any of my stuff. The next day, I made it on the Facebook invitation for the party, and my friend told me that people were already picking out items from my site that they wanted to buy!.. exactly what I needed.

I entered crazy craft mode getting everything I needed to put my table display together. I stuck with my favorite bargain stores, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and was able to easily find a plaid table cloth, and a standing metal necklace holder. I also bought another necklace display made with in linen for $8 at Michael's. These are great to use for heavier necklaces, or a piece that you want to show how it would sit on your neck.

DIY Earring Holder

For this project, I purchased the following materials:
  • 8x10 wood frames [from Walmart - $5/each]
  • Burlap [from Joann Fabric - $4]
  • Craft paint and brush [from Michael's - $1]
  • Hot glue gun and stick [from Michael's]

Step 1: Take out the glass to the picture frames, and paint your frame desired color

Step 2: While waiting for my paint to dry, use a hot glue gun to anchor the edges of the burlap on the backside of the cardboard.

Step 3: Secure the cardboard backing into the frame, so you can easily hang your earrings on the burlap. Wallah!

My Jewelry Party Checklist:

  • Jewelry pieces
  • Small jewelry tags [from Hobby Lobby - $4]
  • Table cloth
  • Necklace, earring, and bracelet displays
  • Extra beading supplies
  • Boxes for packaging
  • Calculator
  • Laptop [for purchases made w/ credit cards]
  • Business cards
  • Price list
  • Print-outs with promotions and social media information
  • Custom order forms

Despite the $180 speeding ticket I incurred while driving to the party, it went pretty well! In a setting like this, people want to buy things. I made about 10 sales, and even had some custom orders to make... not too bad for my first attempt. Next time, I'll try harder to avoid the cops.

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