Dress up your wine

Callie comes from one of the nicest and generous families I have ever met. She invited me and my now fiance [sounds so weird to say!] down to her family's beach house in St. George Island, Florida for the weekend. As if my Thailand trip wasn't enough of a vacation, I just couldn't pass up the offer.

Callie's mother, Leslie, had a really cute idea to make wine charms. While on her beach strolls, she gathered sea shells that were weathered with holes, and placed them on silver hoops to attach them to wine glass stems. I thought it was the cutest idea, so as a thank you present, I stamped metal discs with everyone's names. The extra accessory gives a great personalized touch, and Leslie really appreciated the gesture, which is what mattered the most.

These are a piece of pie to put together. Below are the materials that were used to create these adorable wine charms:
  • Stemware hoops [$1.47 from Hobby Lobby]
  • Sea shells [w/ holes to slide onto hoop]
  • 1/2" metal discs [plus 1 jump ring]
  • Metal stamping kit
  • Permanent marker [to fill in stamped letters]
  • Pro-polishing pad to wipe away sharpie and give it shine [$3/pack of 10 from FusionBeads.com] 

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