Workout Inspiration Needed

It's monday, it's raining and a cold front is coming. I was tempted to go home, make hot tea, and play with the pup next to the christmas tree, until Pitbull started playing on Pandora.

The Hot Cocoa 15K is Jan 13, so with only a few weeks away, Pitbull and I will head to the track after work today. Were you thinking of slacking on this cold rainy monday? Don't do it. There will be plenty of time for lounging and sipping egg nog later.

Speaking of eating sweets, Lululemon posted this today on Facebook. I am only one holiday party down on a long list of cookie swaps and pot lucks. Mr. Gingerbread man - I will keep you in mind.

Here's to starting new year's resolutions early. Enjoy your workout today.

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