DIY: Seat Upgrade, Refinishing Dining Chairs

Craigslist shopping has been a part-time job lately. I was on the hunt for queen anne dining chairs to pair with our new rustic farm table, which was hand crafted by You're Unique. Finally found four chairs that fit the bill and my vision. I was able to easily unscrew the cushions from the chairs, and reupholster them to turn these classic chairs country.

queen anne chairs makeover - before and after

Project Time: 3.5 hours
Project Cost (4 Chairs): $145.79

  • $100 - Chairs (craigslist)
  • FREE (on hand) - 120-grit sand paper
  • $20 - 1 2/3 yards linen fabric (Joann's 50% off)
  • FREE (on hand) - Staple gun
  • $5 - Small roller
  • $10 - Quart of paint (Martha's Stewart in Heavy Cream)
  • $.79 - Sponge brush
  • $10 - Finishing wax
  • FREE - 2 old rags
Step 1: SAND - I used leftover 120-grit sandpaper from my end table project to give the chairs a rough sand. I didn't completely strip them, I just wanted to kill the high gloss shine. Take a damp rag to get rid of any dust and debris.
Step 2: PAINT - Make your own chalk paint (TUTORIAL), and use a roller to cover the chairs. I also took a sponge bruch to get into the nooks that weren't reachable by the roller. I did two coats.
Step 3: WAX - Use a rag to apply a thin coat of finishing wax to your chairs. Then, take a dry rag to wipe off, giving it a matte finish.
Step 4: REUPHOLSTER - Reupholster your seat cushions with new fabric (TUTORIAL)
Step 5: ASSEMBLE - Screw cushions back to chairs, and test them out!

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