How Does She Do It

This past weekend my middle sis visited atlanta from sunny south florida. I LOVE when she visits, because she always brings with her the latest fashion. She is my go-to stylist in times of need.

This trip, she brought her goodies from Stella & Dot, which I was thrilled to see, since my party is this weekend. I now have a handful of other items added to my wishlist, including this dreamy ikat bag...
How Does She Do It Ikat Bag

The best part is, YOU can win the travel version of this bag with the same print, which is equally as awesome and also on my wish list.

Step 1: Log into Facebook
Step 2: In the top right, under the cover photo  "Like" Stella & Dot by Blair Critch
Step 3: In the top right, under the cover photo "Like" The Other 128 Hours
Step 4: Dream of the places you will take your adorable new bag

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