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Week 1 - Get Me to the Festival, Jewelry Displays in 5 Steps

Countdown: 9 weeks to go!

This week, I focused on some jewelry displays. I'm a big fan of the rustic, natural look, so I want the way my jewelry is displayed to take on that theme. Here are the displays I have in mind:
  • A-board display
  • Simple angled horizontal necklace board
  • Tiered plate display - post to come
  • Chalkboard wine bottles - post to come
  • TV tray filled w/ coffee beans - post to come 

A-board with hooks

  • Two 32.5" x 19" pieces of plywood
  • Stain of your choice
  • 2" Sponge brush
  • Two 3" brackets
  • Four screw eyes - medium size
  • hemp, or string
  • One 40-pack 7/8" cup hooks
Step 1: Cut two pieces of plywood for your boards. Mine were 32.5" x 19"
Step 2: Stain plywood with a sponge brush. I placed a leftover scrap piece of plywood underneath so it was easy for me to easily stain all sides.
Step 3: After your stain has completely dried, attach the brackets to the top ends of the plywood. After brackets are in place, you should be able to stand and fold down your a-board.
Step 4: To keep the boards from sliding, screw an eye hook on each side of the board [4 total]. Then, secure each side with a piece of hemp, or any other stringing material.
Step 5: Pre-drill holes for hooks. For these dimensions, I was able to fit 6 across [3" apart from each other] and 7 down [4.25" apart from each other].   

I also purchased some earring tags from another Etsy seller, Tia Zoey. Her tags are tea stained and I just love how they look.. perfect to go with my earring display!

Angled horizontal necklace board

  • 30" x 11" pieces plywood
  • 30" x 5" pieces of plywood [determines the angle your board will stand]
  • Stain of your choice 
  • 2" sponge brush
  • Two 1.5" brackets
  • Batting
  • 1/2 yard of fabric
  • ballet elastic to clasp necklace chains in place
Step 1: Cut two pieces of plywood: One 30" x 11" and one 30" x 5".
Step 2: Stain plywood with a sponge brush. I place a leftover scrap piece of plywood underneath so it was easy for me to stain the sides as well.
Step 3: After your stain has completely dried, staple gun the ends of the elastic across the backside of your board. This will hold the end of your necklaces in place when your board is standing.
Step 4: Measure and cut your batting to your board dimensions. Measure and cut your fabric, adding extra length to each side for upholstering. Make sure to pull tightly on each side [excuse my amateur upholstering job].
Step 5:  Attach two brackets 2-3 inches inward from the edge of plywood. Your display should now collapse and stand on its own.

Step 2: Stain wood
Step 4: Upholster
Step 5: Attach brackets
*All construction would not have been possible without my project carpenter/fiance, Brian.

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  1. These are coming along great Ally! I can't wait to be selling out the festival! Pumpkin spiced lattes to celebrate :)