New Blog Series - Get Me to the Festival in 10 Weeks

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I taught myself a couple of big lessons while doing my very first jewelry party: (1) don't speed because you'll get a fresh, crisp ticket, and (2) plan in advance! It's a very simple concept that my parents taught me growing up when I had a book report due on Monday, and wanted to play with my Skip-It and Polly Pockets all weekend. If you ask anyone, I breathe to plan, but somehow the event just completely snuck up on me! I pulled a straight week of late nights trying to prep for this jewelry party, and the process was brutal. I swear, mom and dad, it will never happen again.

On October 6, the girl in plaid will be at the Crabapple Festival in Milton, GA, and I'm on it! Every week leading up to the festival, I'll share with you what I'm doing to get ready for the event. I'll be putting together all of the details over the next 10 weeks, including displays, print materials, and loads of inventory. Fingers crossed my course of action is smooth and involves as little stress as possible!

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