Week 2 - Get Me to the Festival, Biz Cards

Countdown: 8 weeks to go!

After a hands on week with constructing some displays [read week 1], I'm parking my butt at my desk. I can't show up to the Crabapple Festival without business cards, so I dedicated my time to designing. Business cards are beneficial to hand out with purchases so people can revisit to your shop, or refer you to their friends after they are complimented on their new swag. They are also valuable to hand out to potential future buyers who are just window shopping for the day and enjoying the festivities.

I created my business card design using Adobe Photoshop. I made a plaid pattern overlay as my background, and just included my logo, etsy store URL, and email address for my contact information.

Vistaprint is great for printing business cards, and I even found an online coupon to lower my costs. I ordered 1000 cards, received an additional 25% off, and free shipping, bringing my bill to only $21.00. For those of you that have read my other posts, you know that I am a sucker for a good bargain!

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