Simple Wedding Invitations

As I was carefully cutting and gluing Ally's wedding shower invites this past weekend, I couldn't help but reminiscence on my own wedding invitations. I made mine by hand using brown stock paper and navy ribbon, inspired by plans for a simplistic farm wedding.

My favorite part of the invite is the horseshoe 'W' for Wachman. Now every time I see a horseshoe, I am reminded of the joy I felt that day.

I didn't want my wedding day to be all about me, so I was sure to let my guests know how much I wanted them to share in my day. Without their love and friendship, the day would not have been the same.
Instead of a wedding program, we passed out maps to the farm for the post-vow celebration.
The owner of the farm surprised us with a large painting of our horseshoe 'W' on the side of her barn. It makes me smile everytime we visit. 

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  1. Awesome wedding invitations! I'm also browsing more so i could pin them on my Pinterest boards. Really lovely =D