When the Stars Align

What a magical weekend in Carmel, San Fran and Napa. After all you can eat sushi at midnight (east coast time) and a red-eye flight to Atlanta, I am half awake and still full, writing my post 12 hours later.

After I go through my catalog of photos, I will post my favorite things-to-try list (including china town treats). Until then, I wanted to share an amazing jewelry designer I found in San Fran - Julie Nolan. Her unique twist on oh-too-common astrology sign jewelry, is as beautiful and unique as the night sky.

Sagittarius Brass Constellation Bracelet

Squiggly Chevron Necklace

Luckily, you don't have to fly to San Fran to get these gorgeous design, visit Julie on Etsy to find your perfect piece.


  1. Thank you for mentioning my jewelry in your blog:)

  2. Ahhhh, Callie. Love Napa, Carmel and San Fran and can't wait to hear about your adventures. LOVE this jewelry too. Going to check out more now.

  3. I love that necklace! Hope you guys had a blast!