The Secret Garden: Winter Blooms

Legend has it, the land where our home currently sits, was once a lush garden full of native flowers. I imagine it resembled The Secret Garden.  In 1976, the property was sold off and our home was built. Thankfully, the original owner did his best to preserve the lush landscape. As each season passes, I am amazed at the continuous blooms that surround our property. I thought after this past summer, the enchantment had gone into hibernation. To my glee, I could not have been more wrong.

White Camellia
Christmas Camellia
Cachepot Pottery Barn

Glass Bubble Vase Ikea

I don't think I could have paid for blooms this gorgeous at the store. Siler isn't as impressed. He just wants to play. Looking forward to spring! 


  1. So pretty!! Can you send some to me?! :) Siler is growing so fast.

    1. I wish they lasted forever. Siler also said he misses you and wants you to come visit soon.

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  3. Gorgeous - if you see me creeping in your yard with my scissors, just turn the other way.