Project Tie Bar

As you've previously read, I'm working on some DIY wedding projects, and trying to add some unique touches wherever possible.

The hubs has been into the skinny ties lately, and visits the tie bar regularly. Thanks to the tie bar, my shoe collection is comparable to his tie collection.
custom tie bar, groomsmen gift
Front-side with initials
custom tie bar, groomsmen gift
Back-side with wedding date
The girl in plaid has transformed into a personalized shop, so I decided to make the handsome lads in the wedding party custom tie bars with their initials. For the groom, I added our wedding date on the back to make his extra special. They came out awesome, and I started selling them in the shop. They have been selling extremely well, and I am thrilled to label these bad boys as my first new product of 2013! 

custom tie bar, groomsmen gift

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