Ride for Sweets

When I go abroad, I want to live like the locals. Why visit a place to do what you do everyday?

My favorite part of the Slovenia visit was a simple concept: biking around town. Gas in Slovenia is 3x as much as it is in the States, so owning a bike is a no brainer. Plus, Ljubljana (lib-ee-ah-na) is a small town, so it's convenient and practical.

We rode our bikes everywhere, and when you're indulging in food on your vacation, you could always use the extra cardio! Since I was able to incorporate a ton of exercise into my trip, I got to treat myself to some Kremsnita, the cake of Bled. You know it's delicious if the town created it! Don't worry, Callie - I'll be sure to add it to my Sweet Tooth Confessions.

I clearly did not bring a bike with me on the plane, but the town of Ljubljana offers free bike transportation. All over the city, they have areas where you can essentially rent a bike free for one hour (plenty of time), and drop it off at any of their other stations... just swipe your card, stroll away, and return it! If you happen to exceed the hour limit, it's just 1 euro for every hour over.

If you're exploring a new city, I strongly encourage you to check if your destination offers anything like this concept. Little did I know that my home of Beantown does!  I'll be taking advantage of the Hubway the next time I'm home, for sure.

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