New Year New-trition

As we all begin working at our new year's resolutions, many of us including myself, attempt to track calories. Whether it's to ensure proper nutrition for training, to lose weight or to stay healthy, there are many benefits to seeing what you eat day to day.

My favorite calorie tracking site is Daily Burn. They also have an app. You search for the food, choose the quantity, the time you ate it and you're done. Surprisingly this simple concept is still difficult for me to follow through on - the weekend comes and goes and I have forgotten all about tracking. While chatting about this dilemma with Ally one morning, we created Sweet Tooth Confessions.

It's an even more simple way to stay on track with nutrition. You only track items not on your diet. This way you can see where your weaknesses are and how much you are really cheating. It may seem like a bagel here and a sugar filled appletini here, but when you see it all in one snapshot, it's easier to understand why you may have missed your end goal.

I think this concept works so well for Ally and I because we make it a competition. Having to show Ally my pizza eating contest results on Monday morning keeps me in line.

Click here for your own sweet tooth confessions printable.  You may need to change the print orientation to horizontal for best results.

For an added benefit, I mark days I worked out as well.

Looking forward to seeing your results!

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