DIY Diaper Wreath, Cute Baby Shower Gift!

One of our lovely co-workers is having a baby boy! Since there was going to be a little surprise baby shower at work, we decided to hit up the craft room, and make her something adorable, a diaper wreath! It was extremely easy to make, and only took about an hour to complete, so you can't go wrong for this cute baby shower gift.

  • Styrofoam wreath [from Michael's - don't forget their regular 40% off coupons]
  • Diapers [approximately 20]
  • Ribbon
  • Extra toys (optional)
Step 1: Open up your first diaper and place it around your styrofoam wreath. It really doesn't matter what your wreath looks like because the diapers will cover it completely. What you're looking for is really just the circular shape like a wreath.

Step 2: Securely tie your ribbon in a knot. We used regular craft ribbon and curled the edges. Our friend is a huge UGA fan, so we alternated the colors in red and black.

Step 3: Continue placing the diapers along the wreath until covered. We got a 60-pack of diapers from Babys R Us, but only used 18 diapers total. We wrapped the extras separately and gave them to her a la carte!

Step 4: Add any extra little decor, or toys. We picked up a little stuffed animal and attached him to the bottom of the wreath for a little something extra. You can even attach small toys all around the wreath if you want to.. get creative!

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