DIY Burlap Projects

There's something about burlap. It's rustic, natural, and just reminds me of the perfect accessory that can either be dressed up or down. I initially purchased a roll of burlap to use as a background for photographing my jewelry, the girl in plaid. Because I have grown to love burlap so much, it is now my go-to fabric for lots of other DIY projects. Here are some other ideas that you could use the material for!

1. Burlap framed earring holder - Go shabby chic and display your earrings with framed burlap. Plum Tickled Boutique does a really great job with this idea. Upcycle an old frame, and check out my own DIY tutorial for a simple weekend afternoon project!

2. Burlap flowers - This is a creative, and adorable centerpiece for any occasion. You can even incorporate some burlap flowers into a bouquet for the bride-to-be! Jennifer Senethavy displays her burlap flowers in mason jars for a rustic wedding centerpiece.

3. Burlap dry erase board - turn an ordinary frame into a dry erase board. If you have any spare frames laying around, this is the easiest DIY project that can work with any piece of fabric or even scrapbook paper. Just cover the cardboard backing of your frame with burlap, and presto! Now you can get started on that to-do list.

4. Burlap wreath - Make yourself a burlap wreath to welcome all your visitors.. you're bound to get loads of compliments! My best friend handmade this wreath (pictured right), and adorned hers with a "B" for her family name. I expect one from her soon :)  

5. Burlap table runner - Add some warmth to your table with a burlap table runner. North Country Comforts creates table runner (and pillows!) from burlap that are hand painted to invite beautiful color into the room. It's a casual, but sophisticated piece!

6. Burlap curtains - A light neutral color to brighten up any room. Beautiful curtains pictured are handmade by Supplier of Dreams. These large panels are gorgeous and ready to hang! A good weekend project if you hit up the fabric store. Don't know how to sew? Hemming tape should do the trick.. add a strip of lace to help cover the tape if it shows through!

7. Burlap party favors - Instead of plastic baggies, wrap your favors or small gifts in little burlap bags. Just tie a piece of tweed or hemp around the top to secure. Rustic Hutch says thank you with bird seed favors - too cute!  

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