Good Eats - Local Three Kitchen

Tucked away in the Piazza at Paces off Northside Parkway is a brunch spot gem, Local Three Kitchen. Last weekend, some good friends came into town, and we ended up at this quaint restaurant for a Sunday brunch.

I had made an appearance for brunch before, but we were able to order off of a menu. This time, there was a "walk through the kitchen" buffet. At first, I was caught off guard because no other options were offered, but as I walked into the kitchen and an employee handed me a large, empty plate, I got giddy. It was a neat experience to actually walk through their kitchen. The chef's stood behind their stations, meeting faces that will soon be devouring their food.

My first round started with a shot of a pineapple-lime smoothie, topped with cilantro cream. I also scooped up a fig salad, scrambled eggs, perfectly crisped bacon, polenta, and their house potatoes.      Also up for grabs was some broccoli cheese soup and seafood risotto. Dessert was also available if you needed to satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth!

Their philosophy... "you can't argue with delicious." Don't worry, I will not argue.. it truly was delicious!

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