Artist Spotlight: Rep your Hood

In a hallway at the office, an artist exhibit is displayed produced by our incredibly creative employees. I always choose the longer route to my desk just to see these beautiful pieces of work. One morning as I walked down the hall, two prints on the wall literally stopped me in my tracks. I stood there amazed at the beauty of the black ink on the stark white paper.  Somehow something that seemed so ordinary had been transformed into a beautiful piece of art. The concept was brilliant. 
My favorite hallway/ art gallery

In a world full of mass production and copyright infringements, I am always amazed and inspired by individuals who are able to create new concepts. Creating something that has never been done before is nothing short of miraculous.

My favs by Jordan Shorthouse and Jesse Vogel
The guys behind my most favorite pieces are Jordan Shorthouse and Jesse Vogel. They both graciously allowed me to spend the lunch hour with them asking questions and learning about their process.  Turns out the they have a whole line of t-shirts featuring the local Atlanta artwork.

Ally & Callie featuring new hoods for Fall 2012
What started as a screen printing gift from a girlfriend turned into a great business concept and Rep your Hood Apparel was born.  I believe the best creations are made when driving revenue is not your end goal but learning and having fun is. These two guys definitely have their priorities in order. You can find rep your hood t’s and meet these incredibly talented artists at the East Atlanta Strut Sep 15th. Not only is Jesse an artist but a D.J. too, so be prepared to close down the festival with these two.

Thank you Jordan and Jesse for sharing what you do. I am excited to see where you go next.