Week 4 - Get Me to the Festival, New Product Intro

With only one month left to prepare for the Crabapple Festival, I am starting to feel the pressure. With most of the major things out of the way, like my displays [read week 1], I really need to focus my attention on THE most important.. the jewelry. While I've been busy trying to keep up with current orders from my etsy shop, I've completely neglected the fact that I still need to make more items for the event.

This festival will be a great opportunity to introduce some new products! Bringing new items will give me an idea on how sales could possibly perform if I decide to bring them into my etsy shop later on. I don't want to get too ambitious, so I decided I'll bring some chunky beaded stretch bracelets, and wine charms.

I love the idea of eclectic arm candy, and customers can mix and match to get completely different looks. I'm also going to create personalized wine charms for my table. A while ago, I made Callie's mother a set of wine charms for every member of the family as a thank you gift [DIY tutorial], and she loved them. Plus, I can easily diplay wine glasses on my tables.. maybe Callie and I will toast to success at the end of our long day!

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