Good Eats & Good Fun | The Black Lobster, Salem, MA

The Bay State is home, and I can never get enough of this place. My wonderful sister took me out to a belated birthday dinner at The Black Lobster in Salem, Massachusetts. The restaurant is located right on the water, and with the weather welcoming fall, it couldn't have been a more perfect night girl's night out.

We started the evening off right with some tasty calamari, and white wine sangria. The calamari was crisp to perfection, and the fruity drinks truly hit the spot.

My sister ordered the scallop and lobster risotto, and I went with the baked haddock. Both dishes were delicious, and portions were extremely generous. I was amazed at the amount of scallops and lobster were on that dish! New England never disappoints with their seafood.. they know how to do it right!

Enjoying our appetizer and drinks!
After our delightful dinner, we shimmied our way downstairs to where the cover band, Bar Flyz, was playing. Make sure to hold on to you receipt so you don't have to pay a cover. Regardless, the cover charge is only $5. You had three choices: sit waterside to listen to the band, stand with drink in hand to socialize, OR make your way to the dance floor... the Mah sisters like to dance! We may not have the best moves [I like to think we do!], but it was a total blast.. and we plan on returning for round 2 very soon!

Cover band, family, Octoberfest = winning combo!

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