Is The Jean Jacket Back?

I received a text the other day from a dear friend asking for some fashion advice:
Q: Jean jackets - are they cute or are they dorky?

A: It depends. As long as they have an applique somewhere on them, they are cute….totally kidding. Please no appliques. Not even at Christmas. Ever.

What I HAVE seen that I think is totally adorable is pairing a simple jean jacket with a maxi dress for the summer. I love this look.  But summer is quickly dwindling and our first cold front has already arrived in the south. So how can we transition our staple jean jacket to fall? Below are 5 simple ways to keep the jean jacket going strong all winter long:

 1. Add a vest or scarf over a solid maxi, layering with a jean jacket

 2. Fall in the south is sprinkled with warm days to remind us of the fleeting summer.  Pair your jacket with a simple fall colored dress. A great casual date night look.

(Bottom Left: Madewell) (Bottom Right: The Frye Company)

 3. For a more formal look, dress up the jacket with a pair of fitted slacks or a black pencil skirt. This is a great way to add the jean jacket to your work wardrobe.

(L) Victoria's Secret (R) Gap
4. Over at The 128 Hours, we LOVE boots. Pair your jacket with your go-to Fryes, some skinnies and comfy tee and you're set for the weekend festivals and markets.
Love this one at Urban Outfitters

5. I tend to stick to neutrals and classic fits, but I also love to step outside of my comfort zone and wear something bold every now and then. Modcloth is great for those unique finds.
Tell us what you think! Is the jean jacket back? Did it ever go away?


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