Puppy Love: Meet Siler

Last night, Corey and I brought home our first Wachman family puppy. I have been getting lots of questions about my new love so I thought I would answer them here:

Age: 9 weeks

Breed: White German Shepherd

Weight: 19.5 lbs - he's going to be a big boy!

Parents Weight: Dad 130lbs, Mom 80lbs

What's his name? Siler Wachman. I am waiting for a creative middle name from my sisters. Valentino was our childhood dog's middle name and we aren't Italian.

Where did you get the name Siler? 
Corey and I have a favorite camping spot in North Carolina called Siler Bald. I have always loved the name and was excited to finally get to use it - sans the bald.

Why did you get a dog? 
My hubs and I love the outdoors including running, biking, hiking, swimming and camping. We now have a little buddy to tag along. He's an amazing little boy.

Why did you choose a German Shepherd?
They are known for their intelligence (much like myself hehe) and for their protective instincts. Having him at the house already makes me sleep better. The fact that he's all white is icing on the cake. My husband said it perfect - He's a mix between a bunny rabbit and a polar bear and who doesn't love bunny rabbits, polar bears and puppies, oh my!

Is he ready for play dates?
Of course! We want to be sure Siler is very social so please let us know. I know plenty of you have super cute pups too that I know Siler would love, yes that includes you Doogie (my moms Chihuahua who also stole my heart).

Love you Siler!

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  1. I love my new grand-doggy Siler- what a beautiful boy he is! I know this makes Corey and Callie very happy to have a small one to love on and care for. You both are making great 1st time doggy-parents.