Get Me to the Festival - Week 5, stock up!

I've been selling jewelry in my etsy store for a full year now, and I've gotten a good idea on what's been really selling. By far, the most popular items are custom, personalized pieces. I need to make sure I have plenty of items in stock, and on hand to display to potential customers.

It's been hard trying to keep up with supplies because all personalized pieces are made to order. Most of the time for photos, I make samples I know I can give to a friend, so materials aren't wasted. I hope my girlfriends love them because it's what they'll all be getting for Christmas!

Apologies for the boring post.. I'm seeing the Z z Z z ' s I'm typing. Making the same thing over and over is just no fun, so neither is this post! Here is a little looksie at what my life looks like this week [right].

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