1- Minute Protein Packed Lunch

In a perfect world, I would spend Sunday's cutting veggies, steaming perfect portion sizes for my lunch each day. However, I often find myself Monday morning, racing to get out the door with no such lunch prepped. To not obliterate my nutrition goals with cafeteria food, I keep a few staples in my fridge that I can quickly grab, throw in a bag and be on my way.
Either you love it or hate it, but cottage cheese makes for an amazing snack, high in protein, low in calories. Skip the added fruit varieties and add a few blueberries if the plain is too boring.

There aren't many foods I won't eat, but frozen veggies is one of them, so these fresh beans are a great option for bringing greens to lunch without the hassle of prepping. Stab the bag with a fork and in 4-minutes they are done.

I always buy two cartons of eggs and boil one carton as soon as I get home from the grocery store. This way I can easily grab a few for snack. If I am craving sweets, often having a single egg will make the craving vanish.

I prefer to pre-grill chicken or turkey burgers, but for those weekends where there is just no time, these frozen salmon burgers from Whole Foods save the day. They are best cooked in the oven, but worse case, you can pop them in the microwave at work.

Mix chocolate protein powder with coconut milk or yogurt for a sweet afternoon snack. SoDelicious is my favorite brand and can be found in the refrigerated section. Make sure to grab the green carton, it's unsweetened but still plenty sweet.

What are some of your favorite staples?

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