Flowers To Fill

If you purchased Ally's planters from her post last week like I want to, you now need to fill them with flowers. Last year I went with a monochromatic red and white theme around my home. This year, my spring blooms have inspired me to use tons of color.
So off to Home Depot I went - they have the best prices on flowers in my area, even though Pikes has prettier blooms off the shelf, you can get your HD blooms looking just as good with some tlc.
I picked up some purple, pink and white begonias for my window boxes. They are hearty and can take lots of sunshine. I chose salvia for my flower beds mixed with marigolds, because they grow thick with tons of blooms. And then some amazing fuchsia plants to hang on my partly shaded trellis.

Planting is super simple. Pick out flowers based on the amount of sun they will receive in each location, sunny(6+ hours of sun), part-sun (4-6 hours of sun) and shade (less than 6 hours). Since counting the hours of the sun can sound daunting, if your yard gets sunshine, pick the flowers on the sunny isle.

Pick up a bag of potting soil to place in a pot. Carefully pull the flower and dirt from the plastic tray, separating the bottom of the root system by lightly pitching the roots apart.
Dig a small hole for the flower roots and firmly cover with dirt. Water, water, water all summer long. I planted my left overs in a few pots for the back porch. Mix and match and have fun.

Best of luck on your blooms!

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