Going Over the Edge

Last weekend, I was a part of something big, 16-story big.

Back in November, my favorite radio talk show, The Bert Show, spread the word about Over the Edge. This company travels all over the country to help raise money for various non-profits, where they set up events for participants to rappel down a large-scale building (how cool?!). This particular event supported The Special Olympics, and it fills me with a sense of reward and excitement to know that I contributed. The event raised over $180,000!

That little speck is me..
Coming down like a champ!
How It Works:
  1. All participants are assigned a minimum fundraising goal of $1,000
  2. Once goal is reached, choose a rappel time
  3. Go Over the Edge!
  4. Thank all of your friends for coming out to support you and your craziness....


  1. I'm so impressed. I would've been FREAKING. Congrats to you!

    1. so proud of my crazy kid! ~ Dad