My Favorite Spring Things

It's been a rainy April shower week, and I'm daydreaming of May flowers. Spring just puts me in a good mood, so while I'm getting ready for the new season, I'll share some of my favorite spring things with you!
  1. I cannot wait to get new planters to spruce up our curb appeal for our new house.
  2. Ever since I got hooked on, "The Mindy Project," I've been dieing to read her book.
  3. I found my new favorite pair of jeans (cuffed bf jeans) at Kohl's under Jennifer Lopez's line.. fit like a glove!
  4. You can find me breaking a sweat in my new UA tank.
  5. My toes have been hiding for months now, so after my first pedi of 2013, I'm adding a new pair of sandals to my shoe collection.
  6. Have you heard about emerald being the color of the season? Get some emerald accessories to stay up-to-date. All the cool kids are doing it.

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