More Pallet!

With the success of my DIY pallet bed, I decided to make a matching pallet coffee table. The low height and square shape give the table a modern touch, but the rustic paint and uneven finish keep with the cottage feel of our home. The pallet coffee table was a much easier project than the bed and can be completed in a day.

Step 1: 
Gather materials.

  • 1 pallet - look for a pallet with solid wood, thick slates and minor to no cracking
  • 4 4" wheels
  • 4 pieces of scrap wood cut to the size of the wheel to add height
  • 16 bolts
  • 16 nuts
  • 16 washers
  • paint if desired 


  • power drill
  • paint brush

Step 2:
Paint both the pallet and wood blocks

Step 3: 
Once the paint is dry, lay the top of the pallet on the floor and trace the holes from the wheels on desired location. Repeat tracing step on the blocks of wood.

Step 4: 
Drill holes in the pallet and the wood blocks.

Step 5: 
Assemble by placing the bolts thru the wheel, the wood block and the pallet. Add a washer and fasten with a bolt.

Step 6: 
Clean up, flip over and you're done! I love using the wheels because it makes the table very versatile. When friends are over, we load it up with snacks and pass the table around.

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