4-Minute Fat Burn: Tabata Treadmill Sprints

I really could use another 128 hours in my week. Which is why I have fallen in love with Tabata workouts. Tabatas take a total of 4 minutes to complete- 4 sets of 20-seconds active alternated with 10-seconds of rest. It sounds easier than it is.
Tabatas can be used for both cardio and weight lifting. Tabatas force your body into an anaerobic state – this is where the magic happens. During anaerobic exercise, your body relies on sugar for energy instead of oxygen, thus burning fat.

Download the free tabata timer app. I love this app because it allows me to listen to music while following along to beeping cues instead of watching a clock.

Before you get started:
1. Warm up for 3 minutes by walking.
2. Set the incline to 7+. This step is critical for maximum results.
3. While stepping on the sides of the treadmill, increase the speed 10 units faster than you would set the treadmill for jogging. I jog at 7.0 and do tabtatas at around 8.0 to 8.5.

Feel the burn!

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