Crabapple Festival.. check!

Participating in a festival to showcase a craft is something I never imagined myself doing. On Saturday morning, we put on our plaid shirts [the girl in plaid.. get it?!], bought large coffees, and were off!

Photo by Steve Quintana
Our tent was setup in no time because I had assembled everything in my apartment previously. Knowing where everything should go is key.. no surprises during crunch time! Before we knew it, we were working. Thanks to Callie's aprons, it was extremely easy to manage sales. Customers were really pleased that we accepted cards as payment, and about half of total purchases were made with a square card reader.

The atmosphere at the festival was wonderful! We had great weather, and were surrounded by great people who were enjoying the day with family and friends. People had really unique crafts and antiques to offer. At times, it was distracting because Callie and I found so many things we wanted! But the goal was to make money, not spend it, which we could have easily managed to do.

The day was exhausting, rewarding, and successful.. couldn't have asked for a better day, and help from Callie. Hope to see everyone there again next year!

Things to remember for next year:
  1. Bring a towel - When you are arriving to the grounds when it is still dark out, things were a little wet. It would have been helpful to have a towel to give everything a good wipe down before setting up shop. Thankfully, it was a warm afternoon, and everything eventually dried up.
  2. Better signage - For product information, 8.5x11 frames were individually hung from the tent. They moved a lot, making it hard for people to notice. Next time, it needs to be prominent, bold, and LARGE.
  3. Grow - I had my iPad with me for just-in-case moments, but didn't need to use it. One thing I could have done to utilize it would be to offer people a discount to like the girl in plaid on Facebook.