DIY Jute-Wrapped Apron

Since you all have been following Ally's Get Me To The Festival series, you all know that the Crabapple festival is this weekend, October 6. I am thrilled to get to be a part of The Girl in Plaid's first market-vending experience. I have my plaid shirt and sample jewelry perfectly planned.

I found this super easy to follow gardeners apron tutorial at the amazing blog Sew Mama Sew.
Since I fully intend on moving some serious product, I thought it would make Ally and I more efficient to wear simple aprons for carrying extra change, pins, business cards, etc. These aprons are also great as gifts, for gardening, painting, playing pretend restaurant (yes, that's what my sisters and I played for hours on rainy days) - just about anything where you need an extra hand.

It is important to use a thicker weight fabric for aprons you will be using for heavy duty work. Luckily, a few months back we visited Forsyth Fabrics for Ally's DIY Headboard project. Ally's keen eye for a good deal had us searching through the free fabric box. We found this awesome white fabric with only minor defects. We have been saving it for the perfect project ever since.

In keeping with the "free" theme of this project, I didn't have enough fabric to create straps. So instead, I used left over jute rope and created a double wrap strap. This actually goes very well with Ally's table scape for the market. Later on down the road, I can always replace the straps if needed, but I am pretty happy with how the jute turned out.

To give the aprons their final custom look, I stamped Ally's logo on the corner.
Come check out the festival and stop by The Girl in Plaid tent. I hear we are near the food trucks...yum.

Good luck Ally!


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