DIY Rockford Peach Halloween Costume

Growing up in Massachusetts, my sisters and I looked like the biggest nerds on the block [thanks, mom]! Because it's so cold this time of year, we couldn't be Jasmine from Aladdin without a frumpy turtle neck. Did you know that Little Red Riding Hood wore pink sweatpants with her cape?

Chubby Bunny
Little Red Riding Hood
By far, my favorite part about Halloween is seeing how creative people can get. Because it's only for one night, nobody wants to spend a ton of money to play dress-up. At-home costumes are the way to go, and pushes your creativity even further.

"All the Way" Mae
My DIY version of a Rockford Peach
A League of Their Own is my absolute all-time favorite movie. If there is any movie I can quote, it's this one! Here is what you will need:
  • Red hat [$7 - Walmart]
  • Red belt [$3 - thrift store]
  • Red soccer/baseball socks [$6 - sporting goods store]
  • Felt in cream/ivory [$1/sheet - Michael's]
  • Puff paint [$1 - Michael's]
  • Short sleeve dress [$5 - thrift store]
  • Needle & thread
  • TOTAL = less than $25
Step 1: The Dress
I bought my dress from a thrift store, cut off the length, and just hemmed the edges. You don't have to be an expert sewer to do this. You could even purchase iron-on hemming tape as an alternative.

Step 2: Rockford Peach Emblem
I started the logo for my dress with two different sized cans from the pantry. With a pen, I lightly traced the cans to get perfect circle shapes on my felt. After replicating the rest of the emblem as close as possible, I went over it with red puff paint. It's good to outline your design because you want to make sure your letters are evenly spaced. 
TIP: Count your characters, and start with the most centered, then move outward.  For example, the top of the emblem says "CITY OF ROCKFORD." The "R" in "ROCKFORD" is your center. Make that your starting point, then draw outward. For the bottom, start with "C" from "PEACHES," then move outwards with "A" and "H" (ect.).
I also sewed Dottie Hinson's #8 to the back of my dress using an extra piece of felt.
Step 3: The Hat
I also traced a can, and used red puff paint for the "R" on my hat. The hat I purchased from Walmart already had a team logo on it, so I made sure my Rockford "R" was larger, and just sewed the felt right over it.

Do you have a creative costume idea brewing at home?

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