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This past weekend was the annual birthday/anniversary celebration backpacking trip. My previous post, backpack, backpack, included a complete packing list, including food and recipes. However, with each trip, we learn something new, so here is my latest backpacking update:

We chose to go back to our favorite spot, Siler Bald.
siler on siler bald
As you begin the hike to the top, stop by the natural spring to fill your water bottle. The water is cold and crystal clear.
siler getting the first sip
We stopped by the shelter along the Appalachian Trail. A journal is kept inside for travelers to write in. There are some great entries to read as you relax by the creek.
shelter on the AT
We found a new spot to set up camp. Instead of turning right and climbing to the top of the mountain, you turn left, go through a small section of trees and a gorgeous open, flat field awaits. The wind is much calmer here and you still have a view thru the trees.

the perfect spot
I was so excited to have my sis fly all the way up from Ft. Lauderdale to join us. I wish she lived in Atlanta. Maybe one day my two sisters and brother will all come!

my sissy
We made an excellent dinner that night as we watched for shooting stars.

Cajun Camping Recipe
- 1 pack of sausage (pre-cooked)
- knorrs red beans and rice
- garden grown potatoes in foil with seasoning

Find the perfect roasting stick, something with enough weight, but small enough to carve a point on one end. Roast the sausage over the fire while the red beans and rice cook on the stove. Keep the potatoes wrapped in foil next to the fire for baking.

My dad tasted these guys, but none of us were brave enough to follow. He said they are perfect for sauteing. I'll let you be the judge of that.
wild mushrooms
One very important detail I left out from last time, is a must-stop at the farm fresh ice cream bar Spring Ridge Creamery, in Otto, NC. They have pumpkin pie and eggnog hand-dipped ice cream, which is always perfect after a night in the wild.
the creamery
Another great trip to celebrate an even better year!

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