The Optimist Restaurant Review

According to my latest inbox distraction, Eater Atlanta, The Optimist is the latest must-try restaurant. I have been there twice over the past month and I must say I understand why.
The atmosphere is sophisticated industrial with an air of glamor and excitement. Regardless if it's a Tuesday after work or a Saturday night, make reservations if you plan on dining in the main room.

After visiting twice, I prefer the bar. Only small bites are available, which is perfect for a seafood joint. You get a little taste of everything without getting overly full. The guys at the bar are super knowledgeable on both the food and wine list. If you're up for trying new things, this is your spot.

Oysters - I grew up eating fresh oysters straight from the Apalachicola Bay for $30 a bushel, so I am not one to order a dozen for $20 at land locked restaurants. Once I saw the oyster bar at The Optimist,  my usual ways went out the window.
The Optimist has oysters from both the East and West Coast. Each variety has the perfect balance of salinity and most importantly they are ice cold. I typically don't eat oysters with crackers but The Optimist crackers are amazing, so ask for them on the side.
Drinks - I love reading the drink menu for the names alone. I admit I am a Costco wine-aholic, so when I see names like Alamos and Apothic Red on a restaurant menu for north of $20, I am quite disappointed. This was not the case at The Optimist. Our waiter recommended a Pinotage from South Africa, Dark Lady of the Labyrinth. With the rich flavor of this full body wine, I recommend starting with just a glass.
Food - once seated in the grand dining room, you are greeted with warm sea salt yeast rolls. Pour me some wine and call it a night - but there is more to come. The menu changes almost daily so every time is a new experience. From fried fish and chips to hush puppies covered in powered sugar, there is something delectable for everyone.

Don't expect a quiet romantic night at the Optimist. The loud atmosphere is a part of the whole thrilling experience. The 2-top tables are placed quite close together. So between the conversation about the elections and religion on my right and the awkward convo of a first date on my left, it was an amazing event and I plan on coming back for more!

Have you been to The Optimist? Let us know your favorites!

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