Popping the big question... to your bridesmaids

As my wedding is underway, I decided to do something special for my favorite girls to ask them to be a part of the big day. My little bridesmaid package consists of a custom painted frame and an elegant card I designed. This easy project costs about $3 for each bridesmaid, keeping the total cost under $25. Can't beat it!

For my card, I listed each person's name, and included some fun and quirky facts about each of them as a fun way to introduce the girls to each other. Click here for a free downloadable template. For the savvy brides-to-be with Photoshop, a PSD template is also available.

  • Unfinished wood frame [$1.99 from Michael's]
  • Craft paint [$1/each from Michael's]
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper [optional]
  • Photos
Step 1: Take out the glass part of frame, and paint entire frame with your base color.

Step 2 [optional]: After paint has completely dried, go over with a piece of sandpaper to give it a weathered, rustic look.

Step 3: Use a your second color of paint to write your message. I painted, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" GET CREATIVE!! I used a different color and cursive writing for the word "Bridesmaid" so it stands out a little bit more.

Step 4: Insert your favorite photo of you and your friend. Your girls can even swap out the photo with one from your wedding day, making this a cute keepsake project.

A list of each bridesmaid, fun facts, and attire for the day. 
After the wedding, your bridesmaids can swap the photo out with one from your wedding day!


  1. I love this idea! Very cute and personal. I'm sure each girl will love it! :)

  2. Great idea! My sis -in-law invited her bridesmaids to brunch and presented us with gift bags asking us to be in her and my brother's wedding. It really meant a lot and gave us an opportunity to all hang out together.