Build your own Pallet Bed

My favorite part of our home is the screened-in back porch. It overlooks a sea of trees, our very own cabin in the city. To give this room more seating for gatherings and to create the perfect lounging spot, I created my custom pallet bed for under $100.

I wish I could claim the design as 100% my own, but I am thankful for the many talented bloggers who give gals like me inspiration. Thank you Prudent Home for this amazing easy-to-do design. Visit their site for complete instructions.

I did make a few adjustments to fit my space. I painted my pallets white and used 36" metal rods for the side handles, which I spray painted bronze to give a uniform look. I used a twin mattress from my parents attic and bought a waterproof, bug proof mattress cover from Tuesday Mornings.  Here are all of my building materials:

Pike's kindly gave me their used pallets, but they were rough and dirty. Before I painted, I scrubbed them down and gave the sharp edges a sand. Pup helped me pick which sides should face front (the sides he didn't chew). I strongly suggest finding two identical pallets with planks wide enough to fit the base of the caster wheel. Trying to level out and join two mismatched pallets took some blood, sweat and a few swear words.

And that's it - your very own pallet bed.


  1. Callie - that's gorgeous! And SO rustic. I'm very impressed!

  2. Hi! I was looking on Prudent Baby and have already bought my supplies to build this bed.. BUT I am skeptical about the 3/4" bolts she said to use on the blog. They are HUGE! Can you tell me what size you ended up using to connect the two pallets together?

    1. On Prudent Baby, in the comments, someone [hardware or carpenter] said he/she
      thought the bolts looked smaller than 3/4". He/she said they looked more like 1/4 or 1/2" [don't remember], so if you don't get a quick answer here, you could go back to Prudent Baby.
      Aren't both of these great!

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    3. Yes, I did use 3/4" bolts. You really do want something strong to hold the weight of people sitting on the bed. I haven't had any issues using these bolts. Best of luck! It's an awesome piece.

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