Atlanta Spotlight: Terminal West, The Helio Sequence

I am always keeping my ears open for new music, and immediately fell in love with The Helio Sequence when I heard them as an opener six years ago. The band is a duo of friendly guys who are incredibly talented. Drummer-keyboardist, Benjamin Weikel, is literally always smiling, and singer-guitarist, Brandon Summers, can jam out on the harmonica (if you don't find the harmonica cool.. think again) like nobody's business.

Helio Sequence - Terminal West, Atlanta

Last weekend, some friends and I went to see them play at Terminal West. It's been four years since they've graced Atlanta with their presence, so you can imagine my reaction when I heard the news! Terminal West is a completely renovated part of the King Plow Company, and a newer music venue here in town. I had an enjoyable first experience. They know how to run an organized show and more importantly, keep their guests happy with a great beer selection. What I mean by "organized" is that the show actually started on time, which is completely unheard of in the music biz. I was a happy camper!

The guys even worked their own merch table after their set ended. I got to chat with them as I scored my new vinyl. I made you a free Spotify playlist of their new album so you can see why I'm such a big fan (my fave: track 2)!


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