DIY Tree Candle Holders

My mom is one of the best cooks around. Her attention to detail and her ability to remain patient continues to amaze me and makes for amazing food. With all her focus on the food, the table settings were the last priority on the to-do list. We were set for the dinner but had no d├ęcor. With the expert cook having all of the food preparations under control, I decided I would undertake decorating the table. With a budget of $0 and a few hours until the guest arrived, I looked around for some materials. The dusty silk flower arrangement from the attic just wasn’t giving the table the ‘pop’ it needed.

My parent’s house has a rustic comfortable charm, nestled in the trees, perched above a lake. When the wood stove is burning, there really is no place like home. I remembered an episode of HGVT, where a designer used a tree trunk as a lamp base. This sparked my idea to make candle holders the same way.

Off to my dads shop we went.

  • 1 small tree trunk (make sure it's not rotting)
  • saw
  • router
  • tea candles
1. Cut the tree trunk to multiple sizes. I cut 5 pieces to make a set.

2. Allow time for any water to drain from the tree and the wood to dry

3. Trace the tea candle on one end of the trunk

4. Using the router, cut out the circle the same depth as the tea candle

5. Place tea candle inside tree candle holder

6. Set the table

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