It's Thursday Leg Day!

After all our cardio this week, we gotta get back in the weight room. I am going to let my favorite fitness model, Jamie Eason show you my routine. Warning - if this is your first time lifting weight with your legs, stock up on pain meds. This can be brutal! 

My photos are from They have a great exercise database if you are ever looking for instructions or new exercise ideas.  Click here to check it out

Smith Machine Squats

Leg Press (narrow stance) & Calf Raises

Dumbbell Lunges

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  1. [Ally]: Everytime I do these leg exercises, I feel it for the next 2 days! Push through the pain.. It's the best workout! I have bad knees so sometimes the walking lunges are too much, so I put weight on the smith machine and do my lunges there!