Hump Day Plyo Routine

Get over the mid-week hump with a group plyo workout.  Due to an after work dinner with two of my favorite peeps, I am flip-flopping my Wednesday and Thursday workout to have TRX today and legs Thursday. Wednesday’s are a good day for leg workouts when your schedule allows, giving you enough recovery time before the long run or bike on the weekend.

I rounded up a few gals from the office (including Ally of course) and headed out to the Georgia Tech Rec fields for an all-body toning session. We set up four stations including two TRX stations, a kettle bell station and body weight station. We went thru each station 3x with a different exercise on each round and then repeated the routine once more for a full 24 minute workout. Everyone worked really hard and did really well. Very proud of my girls!

Don't forget the warm up:
side shuffles
high knees

Repeat 2x (45 seconds active: 15 to seconds move stations)
TRX Station 1                                                TRX Station 2
right leg lunge                                                plank push ups
left leg lunge                                                  oblique plank + twist
bicep curls                                                      hip thrust

Kettlebell Station                                           Body Weight Station
stand up sit ups                                              mountain climbers
up right rows                                                  jump squats
figure 8 squats                                                tricep dips

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  1. [Ally]: circuits are great to do with friends. What helps me is when I want to stop to take a break, I look at everyone else pushing through.. It helps me bust out some extra reps!