Support Your Chest Workout!

“Callie, will you support my chest tomorrow?”  Ally asked in all seriousness. It’s her pure honesty that reminds me to smile each day. I knew she was really asking if I would spot her on the bench press. Of course I would and the term "Be my bra" was born. Never lift a lot of free weight without your bra!

As embarrassing as it was, we both started training on the bench press using the 45lb bar and no plates (and yes we spotted each other even then). Each week we added a plate and have now both reached over 100lbs on the bench press.  It’s amazing how quickly your body responds if you consistently train and continue to push your max weight each week. So let’s end this work week with the Support your Chest workout routine.
My coach (and husband) on the Smith Machine
This one’s dedicated to you Ally 
  • flat bench chest press
  • dips
  • pec fly machine
  • nose breakers

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