Summer Workout Routine

If my body is my temple then the gym is my sanctuary. Each week I plan out my workout schedule based on other events on my calendar. This way I have no excuses for skipping a workout because of events like a friend’s birthday or an after work dinner. For the most part, each week is the same with major changes happening every 3 months to account for the change in seasons or to avoid burn out.

Somehow so many ladies have been convinced eating dairy will keep their delicate bones strong. I say we ditch that food industry lie and get in the weight room to gain our strength and stay slim. Besides eating clean, weight lifting is my number one priority above all else for staying healthy. 

Lift 10lbs a day or eat 10lbs a day, you do the math.

Everyone’s gym personality is different so find what works for you, whatever excites you and leaves you wanting more. My favorite weight lifting workout style is the pyramid. I do 6 reps at my max weight, 8 reps about 10-20% lighter and finish off with 10 reps another 10% lighter. I know I used the right amount of weight when my muscles are screaming bloody mary by my last set.

To begin, here is my Monday routine:

am: back, bis, shoulders
o       pull-ups wide grip & underhand grip
o       seated rows
o       shoulder press
o       dumbbell flys
o       bicep curls
o       good mornings
pm: track cardio
o       stadiums  
o       2 x 400 sprints (build up)

See you tomorrow for Tuesday’s routine!

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